Westtown-Thornbury Kids Ditch Seats for Yoga Balls

Using the stability balls in place of chairs, experts say, increases blood flow and helps kids focus.

As science tells us, in increasingly clear terms, that spending your whole day seated is just bad news for people, some interesting trends have taken hold in corporate America. Treadmill desks, exercise bikes in offices, and even yoga balls in place of chairs have cropped up in places.

According to the Associated Press, it seems a teacher at Westtown-Thornbury Elementary School has taken notice.

In a move that’s made national news, fifth grade teacher Robbi Giuliano has replaced her students seats with inflatable balls. She says she noticed a difference right away.

"I have more attentive children," Giuliano told the AP. "I'm able to get a lot done with them because they're sitting on yoga balls."

The stability balls force the kids to work on their posture and balance, keeping, according to the article, the blood flowing and the kids more focused. The balls confer other health benefits as well.

The results have been so positive, that Giuliano says its one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

Read the full story here.


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