West Chester Teachers Rally for a New Contract

Members of the West Chester Education Association gathered outside the district's administration office to rally support for a new contract.

The West Chester Education Association held a rally in front of the district’s administration building before Monday night’s school board meeting.

“We didn’t get in this for the money,” said teachers’ association president Deb Fell in front of a crowd of district teachers.  “All we want is a fair wage.”

The education association is in negotiations with the school board for a new teachers’ contract. 

The teachers have been working without a contract since June 30, and last year, the union agreed to freeze its wages saving the district $2.6 million.

“When we submitted our first proposal, the union and the board were separated by $25 million,” Fell said.  “We’ve moved back $19 million since then.  The board still refuses to budge.  It’s time for the board to negotiate and not dictate.”

The two sides have another negotiation session scheduled for October 10.

At the board meeting, school board president Vince Murphy said that the district’s current proposal would have district teachers earn an additional $2,500 in take home pay.

“For many teachers this proposal yields significantly more dollars than the association’s proposal,” Murphy said.  “To reject it out of hand in the newspaper and not at the bargaining table is a complete dereliction of the collective bargaining process.”

“Money is not our motivation,” said teacher Chris Bruno who is also on the negotiation team.  “This is a time where we need to stand together.  Right now education comes first.

Simon Campbell September 27, 2012 at 05:45 PM
Ms. Binder, I happen to agree with one point. I think the WCASD Board policy to not answer questions at public comment is lame. But knowing the law as I do, it's not illegal. The Sunshine Act requires a period for comment which is what occurs. The First Amendment does not prohibit questions so just ask them! It's also a fact that the First Amendment does not compel anyone to anyone a question. So you could ask but not get answered at WCASD. Now, if this was Pennsbury ..you'd be welcome to come and ask me whatever questions you like and you'd get the answers from me. Not answers that you'd like but you'd get them. You'd also be encouraged to come and be critical. Just like I'd be free to beat your liberal candidates by 20 points in the elections and then represent the majority view of the community. Welcome to freedom. Your view that Mrs. Adsett not be allowed to express her views speaks to your belief that a minority Union viewpoint that loses an election has a greater right to representation in government than a majority taxpayer viewpoint that wins an election. You love the First Amendment for you but not anybody who disagrees. Typical liberal mantra. I also didn't see Vince Murphy 'protecting' Mrs. Adsett in any way (who I doubt needs protecting from raging liberals). What I saw was him making a fool of himself by addressing an item that had nothing to do with the official business of the School Board.
Students1st September 27, 2012 at 10:16 PM
VOTE - BINDER http://tinyurl.com/VOTE-BRET
Students1st September 27, 2012 at 10:20 PM
edufool ... keep up the 3rd person cowardly insults, I love to remind everyone about you - no matter what spin you put on your "3 fingers of judgment" ideology (YOUR IDEOLOGY Ms shiffer-brains, not your fingers) we all recognize an insecure chowderhead, masquerading as a teacher, who is desperately seeking a living mantra to give the appearance of having a life.
Students1st September 27, 2012 at 10:21 PM
Binder ... If you would care to dispute anything I have written, please do so - If you would like to continue trading insults, we can do that also - I have already shown that you and edufool have the IQ of a pair of goats .. the proof being from your own comments, just as edufool is guilty of spreading pimped-out superstition on the web (no doubt she has used it in the classroom also).
edufan September 28, 2012 at 11:30 AM
ST go read Dan Truitt's legislation on bullying. You just might learn something.


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