Missing the Target

Why are all the cool big boxes snubbing the Dub-C?

I realize there are a lot of real issues plaguing our society today, and that this vent is really quite indulgent. Still, these thoughts have been festering inside of me and I need to get them out. I can't imagine I'm the only Borough dweller who feels this way.

In recent months, new construction projects have been underway in our Borough's corners, and everytime I have gotten my hopes up that we will finally have a Target to call our own. Instead, we ended up with another drug store, another gas station, and another apartment building. This is really burning me up.

Do I realize that the Concordville Target is approx 5 miles away, or that there are three dispersed throughout Exton and Malvern? Duh, yes, I'm not an idiot. This just further angers me, since those jerks in 19341 are hogging all the good clothes (though we do have the market on good bars & boutiques).

To add insult to injury, we have a KMart. A Kmart that manages to keep its doors open year after year despite offering the most frustrating shopping experience EVER, unless you count the Exton Wal-Mart, where it's always Black Friday. I fantasize, as I'm standing in a line of 14 people at the only open aisle in the big K, that a swarm of stylish youngsters in their red Target shirts and emo glasses will magically appear and stage a hostile takeover. Replacing Kathy Ireland's collection with Mossimo, and just allowing us all to get on with our lives already.

Don't even get me started on Trader Joe's! Media gets one, Wilmington gets one, Devon gets one. My e-mails to the corporate office have gone unanswered. I will not stand for it! I want all the reasonably priced organic guacamole I can eat, and I want it within walking distance. So I can drive to it, but faster.

As much as I hate to see our quaint town fall into the hands of big box corporations, if we're going to have a KMart, we can survive a Target. If we're going to have a Carlino's, a Trader Joe's isn't going to sink our Battleship or chip away at our character.

And if I need a cute shirt for a hot date at Side Bar (which I never have, but I imagine someone out there does) I want to get my stylishly disposable tunic close to home and not trek all the way to Glen Mills. Wouldn't hurt to have a little movie theater either. Painters Crossing is almost as far as Target. Which is just a little farther than Chick-fil-a. Speaking of.....


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C E Speed October 20, 2011 at 12:36 PM
Hey dopey, these big box retailers are shrinking their retail footprint as more folks purchase their products online. There are plenty of boutique shops in West Chester to get your "cute shirt"--think global/shop local. When you go to sidebar, order the Texas Tommy--good stuff.
Kelly T November 10, 2011 at 03:36 AM
OMG - I think you have been living in my head. When I read your article to my husband, he thought I wrote it. Every one of your comments is something that I have said out loud over the last couple of years. I too have emailed the trader joe's corporate office about opening a store in West Chester. I too have stood in a long line at KMart wondering when we getting our Target and I even share your opinion about the Exton Walmart. Thanks for putting it in writing and letting me know I am not alone in these thoughts.
Andrea December 08, 2011 at 12:56 PM
I'm fine with not having a big box store in WC but I would like a Trader Joes. The old Rite Aid location on Gay St would be a perfect location.
Adrian London January 24, 2012 at 05:57 AM
If your letter writing campaign sounds as whiny as your blog, I can see why you are ignored. Get over yourself, get in your car and drive a few miles. Meanwhile this "Exton Jerk" will keep enjoying the shopping here and not having to deal with drunken college students at night roaming the streets, paying for parking and overpriced food.
Amy Dering Gleason April 06, 2012 at 10:45 PM
I feel the same way Sarah! I love Target and wish there was one in West Chester! I think there are too many banks in the DubC too!


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