Truitt Calls Out Binder

Dan Truitt calls information in opponent Bret Binder's most recent mailing misleading.

The following is a press release from the Truitt Campaign.

Today, State Representative Dan Truitt condemned Democrat State House Candidate Bret Binder’s most recent negative attack ads that deliberately used misleading information about funding for the West Chester Area School District.

“We all expected Binder and House Democrat leaders in Harrisburg to say anything to win this election,” said Truitt.  “But to go as far as to lie about information that is so easily and readily available to the public just shows that Bret does not have the integrity needed for this job.

“The fact remains that I successfully fought the Corbett Administration to restore every dime of state funding for our school district that was cut under former Governor Ed Rendell, and the West Chester Area School District now receives more state funding for basic education than it did when I began serving the 156th district.”

According to the same Pennsylvania Department of Education information cited by Binder in his attack mailer, state funding for West Chester Area schools has increased. In fact, basic education funding provided by state tax dollars has increased 17% for WCASD since Truitt took office two years ago.

“The significant increase in state funding for West Chester was a hard fought victory,” said Truitt.  “Legislative leaders and the administration were desperately trying to fill the nearly $4 billion hole left by the loss of federal stimulus funding and our schools were high on the target list.”

“There is no doubt we need to do more, but to get a 17 percent increase and restore the funding cut by the Rendell Administration was a tremendous victory in light of the challenging economy.”

In 2009, President Barrack Obama successfully passed a more than $800 billion Federal Stimulus funding bill that included money for local schools.  The funding was to be considered as a one-time funding source by state leaders.

However, Democrat leaders in Harrisburg at that time misappropriated the funding -- instead using the funding to offset devastating cuts they made to state funding for local schools.  When Federal Stimulus funding ended in 2011, it left the state with a nearly $4 billion budget deficit and a massive shortfall in school funding.

After taking office in 2011, Rep. Truitt joined with local families to successfully fight for and win restored state funding for West Chester and other districts in Chester County.

In the attack mailer, Binder cites a press release from State Democrat Leader Frank Dermody’s legislative office, hardly an unbiased source, as evidence for his baseless and false attacks.

“Binder not only lied about the facts, but he compounded his lies by using his own Democratic Leader’s taxpayer funded press releases as so-called proof of his claims,” said Truitt.  “Claiming a politically motivated press release, authored by the same people who cut education funding in the first place, as factual information is a slap in the face of thinking people across the 156th District."

Dan Truitt is State Representative for the 156th State Legislative District in Chester County.

Steve Maher October 16, 2012 at 01:39 PM
If Binder is lying about Truitts record that why did the West Chester Area school district and state universities receive less funding with Corbetts budget? As a result of the Corbett/Truitt budget West Chester residents saw their propert taxes increase 1.7%, 21 teachers were furloughed, and now parents have to pay as much as $200 in some cases for their children's extra curricular activities! At the same time, this budget gives millions of dollars to unregulated cyber charter schools that are Truitts major contributors. The PALCS school in East Goshen is run by members of the Chester County Republican Party such as Eileen Rothrock, Bill Middleton, Gwenne Alexander, and Jim Hanak. These people are taking public funds and making a prophet from education. They have not produced a budget to the public in years and are draining the the WCASD because there is no accountability! Dan Truitt is a failed businessman and now a failed politician. It's time for him to go!
busboy October 16, 2012 at 03:54 PM
Also it is quite funny that not only have the local lodge #11FOP (police), all the environmental groups (clean water action, sierra club, conservation voters) have endorsed BRET BINDER, but all of the TEACHER groups have endorsed Bret Binder as well!!! The irony is that Truitt is running on a "pro-environment" and "pro-public school education" platform, but none of the major players in these arenas are backing him. Rather, they are running to Mr. Binder's aid because he is clearly the candidate who has their best interests in mind. Clearly Truitt is lying, clearly this article is an attempt by the Truitt campaign to defend that lie, and he clearly is worried because an incumbent usually would not react like this. Seems like Bret's team has hit a chord that stings and, in conjunction with some of the sentiments that Steve has suggested above, clearly are true. Time for Truitt to go.
Bored in WC October 16, 2012 at 04:02 PM
@Steve Maher- WCASD received more money in their coffers this year-about $2,500,000.00 more! Explain to me how $2.5 million MORE money is less money. What part of the math escapes you? Why is it that you cannot look at the facts & do a little math? Under the democratic rule of the Rendell administration, the democratic leaders took the federal stimulus money, applied it to the education budget that they slashed to make it appear as if the state were spending more money on education.This was money that Rendell knew would go away, & that his predecessor would have to deal with the mess he left behind. When the Corbett administration came in to the huge deficit mess in 2011, they made difficult cuts, but they LEVEL FUNDED basic education to the level that the State funded it in 2008-2009 (spending more money than the State did in 2009-2011). This year they increased the funding for basic education, & WCASD was a recipient of $2.5 million of that. By the way, Genius, it isn't "prophet", it's "profit". And PALCS is a non-PROFIT that continues to meet AYP. Did the WCASD meet AYP this year? Oh, no they didn't! WCASD spent more money per student than PALCS & still managed NOT to meet AYP. Where is the accountability there-no public outcry? Also, WC does not actually pay PALCS, so PALCS must go to the State to request payment in arrears.Of course, you probably cannot verify that fact because no one in the district wants to own up to not paying for the education of children.
Bored in WC October 16, 2012 at 04:34 PM
Really busboy? The FOP thing again? Is it a surprise to anyone that the clearly left leaning organizations are backing Binder? What is shocking is that Binder, a self-proclaimed "businessman", is not backed by any of the business organizations! Oh right, Truitt got those! The groups that are interested in creating business & income for our State backed the proven businessman. Interesting as well that Binder's lies about "facts" are debunked with actual facts. http://www.dantruitt.com/Fact_Check.html
busboy October 16, 2012 at 05:14 PM
The F.O.P is "left leaning" hahaha. Are you kidding me? They are almost all die hard republicans.
Star Thrower October 16, 2012 at 05:54 PM
Trying to talk reality to Maher and his busboy are similar to talking dinner etiquette to a pair of goats - nowhere have they mentioned that it was the TEMPORARY Obama stimulus dollars that were lost .. not budget cuts from Cor-butt. BTW - I'm not a Cor-Butt fan due to his continuing practice to allow gas drillers to inject billions of gallons of Halliburton poisons into the ground, directly below our aquifers, but it was the obama deficit spending which the education blob has declared their god-given right.
Steve Maher October 16, 2012 at 06:11 PM
@star thrower @bored in WC It was a play on words using "prophet" instead of profit because the religious right runs the school! Gwenne Alexander and Jim Hanak are major players in the Republican Party in case you didn't know. Google them and Chester County Action! Secondly, PALCS has not provided the district on how much these "administrators" make! Where is the outrage since they take public tax dollars with no accountability? Look at the charte school corruption going on throughout the state! These people are making money off our tax dollars and diverting funds from the WCASD. Finally, the WCASD might close a school because of the Truitt/Corebett budget cuts to education. All you need to do is connect the dots from Jim Hanak, Gwenne Alexander, Chester County Action, PALCS, and Dan Truitt. Corruption at its finest. As I have said before, Dan Truitt is a failed businessman and now a failed politician. It's time for Dan to find a real job.
Seavet1 October 16, 2012 at 09:52 PM
Now that Truitt has received free political advertising in the Patch, can Binder get the same free political time, given the Republican controlled newspaper in West Chester, I wonder.
Bored in WC October 17, 2012 at 12:48 AM
Seriously Seave1? This blog is known in many circles as the "Binder Patch", where Binder gets plenty of free advertising. Guess there isn't enough in the dem coffers to pay for mail for a little known like Binder. That's okay, he gets plenty of digs in here, calling a stand up guy a liar via his no name cronies. And to which "republican controlled paper in WC" do you refer? I cannot believe you would mean the Dinniman Daily Local, but maybe I am wrong.
Star Thrower October 19, 2012 at 10:12 AM
VOTE BINDER http://tinyurl.com/vote-for-bret
AmyL October 19, 2012 at 01:14 PM
My understanding about FOP endorsement is mainly based upon their Union and pension protection.


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