Publice Safety to Receive Security Patrol Update

The West Chester Public Safety Committee will hear an update on the private security patrol.

Tuesday night is part two of the borough council committee slate.  Public Safety, Zoning and Finance will meet starting at 5:30 p.m.  Here are the agenda highlights.

Public Safety: The Public Safety Committee will hear an update on the private security patrols that walk the university neighborhoods on weekend nights.  The borough instituted the program in March, and it ran through May.  The borough needs to decide if they want to institute the program full-time starting in September.

Finance: The committee will discuss paying for a redesign of the borough's Web site.

Planning, Zoning and Industrial Development: One big one and one weird one on this agenda.  The big one will be the continuing discussion of changing the borough's height ordinance to a sixty foot limit.  The weird one is that the borough will discuss changing the poultry ordinance so that residents might be able to raise their own chickens.


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