Council to Discuss Pfizer Site

The West Chester Borough Council committees will meet Tuesday. They will discuss public safety, finance and zoning.

On Tuesday, the West Chester Borough Council will hold the first night of its committee meetings.  Here’s a quick overview of what’s on the agenda for each committee.

Public Safety:

The Public Safety committee will discuss placing a limit on special events permits for the borough.  The committee has discussed establishing a limit of two special event permits each day.  Right now, there is no cap, and it is placing a lot of strain on public safety resources.


The finance committee will discuss the impact not receiving money from Pfizer will have on the sewer fund.  Pfizer is currently contracted to pay the borough close to $700,000 per year for use of the borough’s sewers.  Pfizer has not actually used the borough’s sewers in years, and the company is trying to get out of this agreement.

Planning, Zoning and Industrial Development:

The committee is once again scheduled to talk about the conditional use criteria to be used for the new ordinance that will limit building height in the borough to 60 feet.




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