Borough to Discuss Parking Permit Limits

The West Chester Borough Council Committees will meet Monday to discuss changing the yard waste collection program and perhaps limiting the number of parking permits a residence can have.

The West Chester Borough Council Committees will hold their monthly meetings on Monday and Tuesday. 

On Monday, the public works, parks and recreation and parking committees meet.  On Tuesday, the public safety, finance and planning, zoning and industrial development committees meet.

Here's a quick rundown of the agendas for Monday's meetings.

Public Works

The public works department will once again discuss making changes to the borough's yard waste collection program.  Currently, the borough allows residents to drop off yard waste at the public works building.  However, public works would like to limit that drop off availability.

The public works department will also discuss its 2013 proposed budget.

Parks and Recreation

The parks department will also present its proposed 2013 budget.  The department will also give updates on a project to update the bathrooms in Hoopes and Everhart Park. 


The parking committee will continue to discuss sending out a parking survey to residents.  The committee has been discussing sending out a parking survey to residents so that it can strategically try to fix some of the borough's problems.

The committee will also discuss the possibility changing some of the parking permit regulations as well as limiting the number of permits available per residence or property.

Seavet1 October 09, 2012 at 01:57 AM
The parking situation in West Chester is ridiculous, how whole blocks can be permits only is indicative of the anti non- borough attitude that is pervasive. Many do not want to even come into to the Borough because of the parking situation, which prohibitively expensive


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