Borough Considers Raising Fines for Quality of Life Violations

The West Chester Public Safety Committee recommended that fines for noise, public urination and open container be raised from a minimum of $100 to $250.

The West Chester Public Safety Committee discussed installing “Quiet Zone” signs in the neighborhoods surrounding West Chester University during Tuesday’s meeting.

“The question with these signs is how enforceable they would actually be,” said committee chairman Jordan Norley.  “I talked to Judge Knapp, and she said she would at least use the warning signs as a factor when she makes a judgment.”

The signs would be the latest move made by the West Chester Borough Council to curtail rowdy behavior in the southern part of the borough particularly on South Walnut Street.

The public safety committee also discussed raising minimum fines for noise, open container and public urination violations from $100 to $250.

“The idea is to hit students’ wallets harder so maybe the word gets out that we won’t tolerate this behavior anymore as a borough,” Norley said.

Boyd Davis November 15, 2012 at 12:48 PM
Raising the fine amount is a "no brainer" Put up "Zero Tolerence" noise signs and inforce them. I used to live on South Walnut Street and know how bad it is. The bars up town should be forced to pay for the extra police needed to enforce the laws against their unruley patrons. WCU should better control its students.
Bud November 19, 2012 at 04:31 PM
What? Finally attempt to make students and other young people responsible for their behavior? Why change from penalizing small business and rental property owners. It's much easier and less hassle to fine and regulate responsible tax paying business owners


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