Rt 202 Backhoe Theft: Trial is Coming

A man allegedly stole a backhoe from a Route 202 construction site.

A Lancaster County man is in prison awaiting trial on charges he stole a backhoe from the Route 202 construction site and then took it on a 2 hour and 15 minute joy ride down major highways into Philadelphia.

William Michael Pusey, 33,  was arrested in Philadelphia on November 11 when State Police and the backhoe's owner used a GPS device on the $125,000 piece of construction equipment to track it down.

According to Pensylvania State Police testimony Friday in Chesterbrook District Court, Pusey was trying to sell the backhoe for about $2500 when a Philadelphia Police arrived at the location indicated by the GPS tracking software.

According to court documents the GPS tracking software indicated it had been started up 2:15 minutes earlier at the U.S.202 Northbound construction site at the off ramp at Route 401.

Judge Analisa Sondergaard ordered Pusey held for trial and he was returned to Lancaster County Jail where he was already being held on unrelated charges.


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