East Goshen Resident Almost Falls Victim to "Granny Scam"

A 69-year-old East Goshen resident almost falls victim to a phone scam on Wednesday.

According to the Westtown-East Goshen Regional Police, a 69-year-old East Goshen resident almost fell victim to a phone scam on Wednesday when someone called the resident posing as the resident’s grandson.

According to police, the caller told the resident that he was in a detention center in New Jersey after being involved in a crash and needed money in order to be released.

The caller than told the victim to call a certain number to speak with a public defender.  The victim called the number and was instructed to wire funds using Western Union.

However, the victim spoke with the fraud department at Western Union before sending the money, and the transfer was avoided.

Police are investigating this incident to see if it has any correlation with a similar incident that occurred in July where another East Goshen resident lost $26,000 in a similar scheme.

Police say that this particular telephone scam has been dubbed the “Granny Scam,” and they ask that residents confirm information with other family members before wiring any money to anyone.

Residents can also call the Westtown-East Goshen Regional Police Department at 610-692-5100 to review any suspicious telephone calls or requests for money transfers.


Roger Even Bove December 01, 2012 at 07:24 PM
I got a call last week where the caller led with 'hello grandpa?' I suppose that I was supposed to say my grandson's name at this point. I instead just acted skeptical and was hung up on. If that happens again, I will reply with the wrong name. Roger
Michael Dwells December 02, 2012 at 09:53 AM
Glad the money transfer was stopped. I appreciate the efforts by Western Union in stopping the victims and checking on the transaction. I've read a lot of complaints related to this scam at www.callercenter.com and it breaks my heart when the victim was fooled into sending the scammers money. The worst case I knew of is a grandpa who sent a total of $40 000 to the crook in located Mexico. The scammer was never caught.
Marta December 04, 2012 at 11:53 PM
My family we t thru something similar. My sister received a call informing her they had her son and she was to go to the bank and withdraw the ransom money $2"000. At that time her son called on the. Cel which let het know it was a scam. She tried to keep them on line as long As she could so the call could be traced! She negotiated and told them banks weere already closed to which they asked her to get the money from an ATM and someone would meet her there to pick up the money! At that time her son walked in! We called the land line tel. company as well as the Celular co. only to find the person at the other end had gone thru the same or knew of someone, the reaction of the Police was the same and claimed calls were made by inmates fusing unregistered cellulars. Since then they passed a law to require the registration of every phone. Am glad the police here is investigating.. in our case they sent us home disheartens , angry of how a human being do that to another, but grateful our nephew was ok!!! We need to adopt this law here too!! Marta


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