Chester County Obituaries for Mid-November

The following obituaries come from West Chester and Phoenixville.


Barbara A. Watson, 81, of West Chester. 

John M. McKee, of West Chester. 

Mary Patricia McKown, 82, of West Chester 

Teresa Virgilio Brackin, 88, of West Chester.

Thomas Daws, 96, of West Chester.

Dempsey W. Jackson, 78, of West Chester.

Arlene M. Kavanaugh, 84, of West Chester.

Glen Thomas, 50, of West Chester.

Alan P. Townsend, 58, of West Chester.

Helen M. Whitney, 92, of West Chester.

Lawrence A. Ferriola Sr., 85, member of West Chester Lion's Club. 

Edward James Mahoney Jr. 75, of Oxford and West Chester. 

Marie K. Zimmerman, 91, of Coatesville.

Kathleen Coldren, 69, of Coatesville.

Harry T. Barnett Jr., 89, of East Coventry and Phoenixville.

Katherine E. Davis Gross, 74, of Phoenixville.

Francis Rafferty, 95, of Phoenixville. 

Courtney Beatrice Anderson Milburn, of Chester County.



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