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Profile with Local Mom and Moms Talk Panelist Sayre Cotherman

As mothers, we all wonder what we could be doing better, what other moms are out there doing with their children, and tire of our usual routines and yearn for something new. Patch sits down with frequent Moms Talk panelist to get the skinny on her West Chester parenting experience.

Patch: What do you love most about raising your family in West Chester?

Sayre: I love the accessibility to all of the parks in the area. And there is something (free) happening almost weekly in the borough. You can't run out of things to do in West Chester- if you do, you aren't trying hard enough... or you're tired and I understand.

Patch: What do you like least about it?

2. I don't have any issues with WC, but I would say that the parking situation can be a pain in the butt. Although, I'd rather deal with finding a spot or getting tickets than another monstrous parking garage. And I wish there was a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's nearby. 

Patch: How does the growing-up-West-Chester experience differ from your own childhood?

3.I grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. So while we had a beach at our disposal, we didn't use it as often as you'd think. Living in West Chester, I'm constantly amazed at the beautiful parks that are maintained for public use. I am also very aware of the history in the area and can't wait to explore and share it with Max when he's older. And the best thing about living in the West Chester area is that it's central to so many places. It takes 5 hours to drive out of Florida from Ft. Laud. From our house we have access to NY, DC, MD, NJ, etc. in such a short amount of time. I love it!

Patch: What are some of your kiddo's favorite local hotspots?

4. Max loves the "fire truck" park (what adults call "Everhart"). He is also obsessed with BounceU in Exton. (Shout out to Sarah for taking us there!) I have to mention it because I am so excited that it's free for 2 year olds. We'll probably be there today. It's always empty in the afternoon and they play decent music and it's air conditioned!!!! Oh, and adults jump for free- just bring socks. Then you won't feel bad about watching the Real Housewives of NJ during your kids nap.

Patch: Does the burgeoning foodie have any favorite eateries?

5. Max's favorite place to eat hands down is Jimmy John's. He asks us to take him there almost every night. He's very into trains so he loves watching them ride around the tracks. And you can't go wrong with such kid friendly food. Normally we don't allow kid's meals and Max ends up with a plate full of Mommy and Daddy food- so this is a nice break for him... and us. Just be prepared that you will end up in the middle of a swarm of children that do not belong to you- so while that is not the most ideal situation, it's a good time to teach your kid the art of taking turns. (Apparently we don't go there often enough because Max still doesn't get the concept.)

Patch: Until your recent move to Marshallton, you lived in the Borough. Any advice to new parents looking to raise their children in town?

6. My advice for mother's in the borough would be to read the Borough pamphlet that comes out quarterly with all of the happenings in West Chester so that you know what is available to you. There are so many things for kids or parents (or old people) or kids and parents together.  I would also advise you to use your stroller sparingly. They take up a lot of space and annoy other people... and they don't give your kid a lot of time to discover their neighborhood. (Obviously there are extenuating circumstances- I love my stroller for many reasons). Walking with Max and looking at houses is so much fun. It has made him more friendly and gives us something to talk about. And again, it's free!

Sayre is mother to Max, age 2, and a yet to be named (or born) baby boy.


Do you have questions about the fast-approaching school year? E-mail Sarah at sfalderman@gmail.com with your questions for the upcoming Moms Talk: Ask a Teacher edition.


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