Will West Chester Buy Barclay Woods?

A Monday meeting will determine the future of the Barclay Woods.

Come Tuesday morning, West Chester Borough could be committed to buying the Barclay Woods property.

The Borough Council is holding a special meeting Monday night to consider an ordinance that would allow council to purchase the Barclay Woods property and, in essence, prevent that space from being developed.

Earlier in December, the council heard a proposal from Stan Ab, the development corporation that currently owns the Barclay Woods property, which would give the council a year to raise the funds required to purchase the property at “a fair price.” 

The plan, as laid out by the council, was to use the time permitted by the negotiation to pursue grants that would allow West Chester to buy the property without raising taxes or levying the cost from borough residents.

The council is expected to discuss and decide on the ordinance Monday night. The meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. at the borough council hall.


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