WCASD Offers Additional Time to Taxpayers

Taxpayers affected by Hurricane Sandy will have additional time to pay property tax bill.

The following is a press release from the West Chester Area School District.


The West Chester Area School District announced it is granting taxpayers affected by Hurricane Sandy until November 7, 2012, to pay real estate taxes with a due date of October 31st. This calendar relief applies to taxpayers whose 2012 school taxes remained unpaid at the October 31st deadline. 

Please note that any payments received after the November 7th extension will be subject to interest and penalties.

PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS: The portion of your bill marked “REMITTANCE COPY” must accompany payment whether paid by mail or in person.

Make checks payable to: West Chester Area School District

Payment in person: At any branch of Fulton Bank during regular banking hours. For branch locations go to www.fultonbank.com.

Mail payments to:

West Chester Area School District
PO Box 4787
Lancaster, PA 17604

Mailed payments – MUST HAVE U.S. POST OFFICE POSTMARK indicating mailing by due date. Postage meter stamps will be accepted ONLY IF CANCELLED BY U.S. POST OFFICE.

Thornbury Township, Delaware County residents contact your tax collector, Willard McMullin at 610-459-8475.

Carol Ann November 02, 2012 at 11:08 PM
While your school district gets that average $3,500. property tax out of you, again, take into consideration that IF you do not pay this tax, for the rest of your life, you will be forced out of your home or business. ..................... What lessons are we teaching our children when the school they are being educated in is directly responsible for throwing them, their families, grandparents, neighbors, local business owners, ... into bankruptcy? The public schooling of students in the United States, paid for by property owners, has been the law of the land for more than one hundred years. Your school district sucks $30. to $100. a week [or more; up to $10,000. a year ] out of your pocket. Via congress.org you could tell your state lawmakers, your school board does such a sub-par job, and that after 100 years, because, excuses from your superintendent are just insulting to you so, it's time to eliminate the school property tax and try something different. ..................... Your state government learned how-to eliminate your school property tax several years ago but, since you and your fellow property owners are not telling them to go ahead and abolish the tax, they don't care to do anything but apply band-aids, favoring one political interest or another. ................... Learn more about why and how-to speak up before it's too late via the PTCC - Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition http://www.facebook.com/groups/pataxpayers/
Rosemary Decker November 03, 2012 at 12:11 PM
While I believe it is time to look at different ways to fund schools, why do you believe you have no obligation to support schools? If you sold your home and moved elsewhere wouldn't you pay rent? Nowhere do you live for free. The home my parents bought for 20,000 in 1965 is now worth over 400,000 and of course the taxes have gone up, the community has grown etc. Yes, the teachers make more, the mandates for education have increased, special education is part of the deal, everything costs more. The bottom line is in WCASD your taxes are the lowest in the county to boot. The district continually gets very high marks for their fiscal restraint. To all who complain, visit the schools. As a teacher there I am proud of the fine work we do. Our children achieve at high levels. Why, they are awesome students with great parents and a supportive community by and large. We do have our problems as any school district will. Perfection is never a reality. But I can say with all assurance our days are spent with an eye always towards improving student achievement - our motto - For all students to achieve their personal best. Sign up for the The Bus to the Future. My building is on the tour. I can assure you there will be no "Dog and Pony" show - as our principal said - business as usual. And that my community member is on a daily basis good stuff. Come and enjoy.
Carol Ann November 03, 2012 at 11:57 PM
Support schools, yes but, why do we have to foreclose on property owners who can no longer afford to pay that $1,000. to $10,000. a year School Property Tax? .................. With interest, that $20,000. mortgage cost about $60,000. The School Property Tax in 1965 may have been a $100. a year however, it too, has grown and today, it is somewhere between about $1,000. and $10,000. a year or more. ................ The bottom line is, your state lawmakers have known for several years now, that all K-12 public schools can be funded with a combination of increasing other existing taxes that everyone who buys things and everyone that works already pay(s). ... Increase the state sales tax by 1% and increase the state income tax [or earned income tax] by 1-2% and the property owner's monthly household expenses will go up by a few dollars on average .... until the property owner subtracts that $80. to $800. per month they currently pay in School Property Tax. Learn more about why and how-to abolish the school tax via www.ptcc.us before you rush to judge.


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