District to Explore Closing a School

The West Chester Area School District will explore closing a school with a final vote to be made Dec. 17.

The West Chester School Board Property and Finance Committee discussed the impact closing one of the district’s 10 elementary schools would have on the community Monday.

“We need to ask ourselves if this something we feel is good for the kids of the district,” said school board member Sean Carpenter.  “And if its not, then that and that alone should be the reason we don’t close a school.”

The school district is exploring closing one of the elementary schools as a way to save approximately $1.3 million.

This is an emotional issue for a lot of people,” said district superintendent Dr. Jim Scanlon.  “We also need to explore other ways we could save the district money.”

Last year, as part of the Community Budget Task Force, a committee of district parents and residents suggested that one of the way the district could save money is by consolidating space and possibly closing one school.

The committee suggested four schools that could be closed with the least amount of impact: East Bradford, Fern Hill, Glen Acres and Mary C. Howse.

Dr. Scanlon made it clear Monday that the school board is merely exploring the possibility of closing a school, and that if a school should be closed it would not be until the 2016-17 school year.

Dr. Scanlon also added that the school district lines that determine which students go to which schools must be redrawn anyway.  He added that if the district doesn’t close a school those changes would go into effect in 2015.

The Property and Finance Committee also released a schedule of meetings where the school closing will be discussed.

  • Oct. 31 - Data collection sent to the space consolidation committee
  • Nov. 7 - Space Consolidation Committee makes any changes to data, writes new impact statement based on new data.
  • Nov. 19 - Update provided to Property and Finance Committee
  • Nov. 26 - Formal data presented to the entire school board
  • Dec. 17 - Board makes decision about space consolidation (whether or not to close a school)


“As a parent I wouldn’t want my child’s school to be closed,” said school board member Ed Coyle.  “If we go through with this we’ll have a million parents from that school in here, and they have the right for their opinions to be considered.

edufan October 22, 2012 at 11:07 AM
Cathy, Very well stated. and S Thrower? Thank you, once again, for demonstrating disrepect and hate as evidenced by your name calling in your previous post. The tea partyers must love having you as a representative. I, on the other hand, do not love having you as a representative of our school board. You did not even bother to reply to my assertion concerning closing of a school; only that I cited YOUR comment. You understand citations as you do that quite a bit.
RoxyD October 22, 2012 at 11:32 AM
People with the mentality of ST are not concerned with the quality of educating children they only care about paying less taxes. They hide behind "bullying" but they are the ones doing the bullying. ST doesn't even live in West Chester. She lives in Philly. My guess would be that she gets paid by some right wing organization for spreading her venom.
Students1st October 22, 2012 at 02:59 PM
What you saw binder is a screen name which has no proof whatsoever of the slightest affiliation with a cyber school - what you saw is a person identical to yourself who claims many things, but has no proof of anything ... just opinions - yes, human interactions "CAN BE" the sweetness of life, but a teachers union has no interaction with life binder .. a teachers union exists separate from human life binder .. a teachers union separates its members from the rest of humanity binder .. a teachers union exists to bribe corrupt legislators, and to evict the poor from their homes, and use the foreclosure money to inflate their pension funds binder - lastly, a teachers union has a growing % of members (1 in 10 by a recent estimate) who are without question, sexual predators ... if this is your idea of the sweetness of life, chester county should take up a collection to get you help - its pretty obvious now that you are the multi-named ancient lemon dancer .. 7dPrincess - into the cheap wine again last night .. yes?
Students1st October 22, 2012 at 03:00 PM
Take a look at yourself edufan .. begging to be name-called when there was actually none is pathetic - but happy to see that at least you two have confirmed the need for kids to be separated from the sexual predators masquerading as teachers .. let's see, you seem to have forgotten the absurdly imbecilic statement that you want to close Cyber brick and mortar schools .. you seem to have forgotten that the tax money you are whining about is supplied to you on the back of the private sector, while the illustrious education blob had borrowed the country into oblivion .. and now you would like your plagiaristic comments to be called citations ... lol .. hilarious!!
Students1st October 22, 2012 at 03:02 PM
oxy, please take note that just because I am able to prove a "GANG of 3" bullies has jello where a brain should reside, does not make me a bully .. you are correct though, I do not live in west chester, I do however live in the WCASD, and I do pay taxes .. I see you have also quit taking your smart pills - are you Steve Maher's husband?


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