Truitt Relocates District Office

State Rep. Dan Truitt will move his local office from downtown West Chester to East Goshen.

The following is a press release from the Pennsylvania State of Representatives.

Rep. Dan Truitt (R-Chester) will open a new district office in East Goshen.  It’s just one of many changes coming to the legislator’s office as he begins the 2013-14 term.

On March 1, Truitt will move his district office to the Goshen Executive Center, 1450 East Boot Road, Suite 100D, in East Goshen.  He will continue operating from the current office at 21 South Church Street in West Chester until Feb. 28.  The office phone number, 610-696-4990, will remain the same.

“I committed to do something about our handicap accessibility at the beginning of this term, but, the lingering uncertainty with legislative redistricting left us in a bind.  We determined that the only safe choice would be a fully ADA-compliant facility located within my own voting precinct, ensuring that we would not need to move again due to redistricting,” Truitt said.

There will also be changes to his office staff.   Chris Mulhall has been promoted to chief-of-staff for Rep. Becky Corbin (R-Chester). “While Chris will be sorely missed, we are happy to welcome Salome Gasabile to our team,” Truitt said. “Her experience with government and public relations will surely be an asset to our community as she helps our residents navigate the often complex systems of state government.”

Staff member Derek Davis is now a notary, so the office will still be able to provide free notary services to all residents of the 156th district. It is recommended that you call ahead to make sure that Derek is in the office before stopping in.

As he starts the term, Truitt will serve on four key committees: the House Education, Commerce, State Government, and Labor and Industry committees.

Truitt vowed to use his position on the Education Committee to fight for his anti-bullying legislation that would create an online database, run by the Department of Education, where school districts would report incidents of bullying. 

“While some believe bullying is just another part of childhood, victims of bullying see it differently,” Truitt said.  “Bullying can destroy the joys of childhood.  Years later, bullies brush off their acts with little remorse, while their victims recall nothing but pain and anger.”

Truitt will also use his position to make sure local school districts are properly funded.  “During this time of fiscal restraint, we must make sure we don’t shortchange our children,” Truitt said.

Truitt’s experience as an engineer and business owner will be an asset to the Commerce and Labor and Industry committees. 

“I understand the challenges entrepreneurs and business owners face when maneuvering through the bureaucratic maze of rules and regulations created by the state,” Truitt said.

Truitt hopes his involvement on the State Government committee will provide him with greater opportunities to promote reforms aimed at restoring the public’s trust in state government. 

Truitt reminds residents to visit his website at www.RepTruitt.com and follow him on Facebook at  www.Facebook.com/RepTruitt..


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