Truitt Introduces Bill to Create Standards to Combat Bullying

The program would create an online bullying database that would create a deadline for investigations and would generate reports and send email updates to school and state officials.

The following is a press release from State Rep. Dan Truitt (R-156)

Rep. Dan Truitt (R-Chester) has introduced legislation that would create an online database, run by the Department of Education, where school districts would report incidents of bullying. The database would create a deadline for investigations and would generate reports and send email updates to school and state officials.

House Bill 2636, known as the PASS (Pennsylvania Safe Schools) Act, would also mandate all teachers take an online bullying prevention training program every five years.

“Some people think bullying is just a normal part of childhood,” Truitt said.  “Victims of bullying see it differently.  Bullies rob their victims of some of the joys of childhood.  Years later, the bullies look back and recall “youthful indiscretions” with a little laugh and maybe a little remorse.  Their victims look back with pain, sadness, and sometimes a bit of anger.”

The PASS Act represents the most important and balanced interests of students, educators, and school administrators. It effects policy and how bullying is handled by establishing the basic reporting mechanism. It puts in place the most essential protections in school for students, educators, and administrators.  It also requires such acts be reported to the state.

“The legislation is designed to increase reporting and awareness of bullying without putting a huge, new burden on education administrators or professionals,” Truitt said.  “I see no down-side to it.”

Pennsylvania currently is ranked by the United States Department of Education as having one of the most insufficient safe schools laws in the nation. The Commonwealth lacks seven of the 16 identified central components of state level anti-bullying policies identified by the Education Department.  All of Pennsylvania’s neighboring states have more effective safe schools laws.  

“Children learn more when they enjoy school,” Truitt said.  “The victims of bullying can’t enjoy school.  If this legislation can help children with certain attributes to get more joy out of childhood, or if it helps to produce a generation of adults who are better at treating all others with respect, it will be a very good thing for all.”

Straight Shooter September 28, 2012 at 04:08 AM
That's really classy, Star Thrower. Children are committing suicide everyday from bullying (4 in PA just this past week) but you somehow work partisan politics into this comment thread. There is a time and place for everything but you clearly lack the common sense to decipher that fact. Kudos to Mr. Truitt for proposing this legislation. This is a good idea and perhaps the farthest we have seen anyone go to combat bullying. I would say good luck in the election but clearly it won't be needed if the opponent's cronies are watching comment threads on patch and putting inappropriate messages up on articles unrelated to November 6th.
RoxyD September 28, 2012 at 09:57 AM
She was trashing his opponent as well. She's a trouble maker - bully to be exact. Vile. She tries to incite people into debate by insulting them. An ugly person inside and out. It must be horrible to be so hateful. Ignore her.
Cathy Binder September 28, 2012 at 10:03 AM
The only fear that the thrower of nonsense has is that such legislation may raise his property taxes by a penny. He will say cyber schools will prevent this because kids won't interact with anybody and thus can't be bullied. Unfortunately thrower is the biggest bully of all - as we can read by his threads and comments here daily. Clearly has been the victim of bullying himself as most bullies are. Human compassion for this soul is all we can hope for. And, my point will be proven by the hateful rhetoric that will now spew forward.
edufan September 28, 2012 at 11:27 AM
Thrower called me a genius. It said (I say "it" because it refuses to disclose ANY information about itself, like a bullying coward!) it was being sarcastic, but then it went into a tirade and started caling me all sorts of names after I thanked it for calling me a genius. Kudos to Mr. Truitt for trying to do something about bullying. Perhaps Thrower and others of the same ilk should read his proposal carefully.
Students1st September 28, 2012 at 12:20 PM
Mr Binder !!! Did you realize you have a gang of your bullies on Patch, trying to stifle freedom of expression ... and please stop using the name Cathy when you post here. Mr Truitt, all you need to do now is post this comment section. http://tinyurl.com/9kjwq3o


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