Trash Pickup for Christmas

See the changes in trash pickup for Christmas.

Wondering when you can throw away all of the used wrapping paper? Here are the changes in the trash pickup for the Christmas holiday.

West Chester

Of West Chester's four pickup quadrants, only one will be effected by Christmas. The minicipal website states that if a trash day falls directly on a holiday, trash will be picked up the day after. The Northeast quadrant's trash day falls on Tuesdays. Since Christmas is on Tuesday, Dec. 25, pickup will continue for that quadrant on the 26.

Unsure if you live in the northeast quadrant? Here's a map.

West Goshen Township

Trash pickup is Monday and Thursday and therefore will not be effected by Christmas. The township website states that pickup occurs on the next day when trash day falls on holidays. Again, since Christmas is on a Tuesday, it won't effect trash pickup.

East Goshen Township

Trash and recycling will be effected on the south side of the towship, as they're usually observed on Tuesdays. To see a map of where your home is, click here.


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