School District Uses Web Videos to Put Focus on Budget and Negotiation Issues

Two Web Videos Put Focus on Budget and Negotiation Issues in West Chester Area School District.

The following is a press release from the West Chester Area School District.

Recognizing the complexity of understanding school district budget issues, especially when paired with teacher contract talks, the West Chester Area School District has produced two videos which tackle these topics in a talk show format.  The programs, "Blueprint for Balancing Achievement & Affordability: Understanding the Budget"   and "Blueprint for Balancing Achievement & Affordability: Negotiation Overview" can both be accessed at the District's website, www.wcasd.net, under the "Negotiations Updates" section of the website.

The videos were shot within the administration building using a simulated "set" to avoid the costs associated with a professional studio production.  The budget segment features an interview with Finance Chair and Board member Sean Carpenter, while the negotiation segment includes interviews with School Board President Vincent Murphy and chief negotiator Jeffrey Sultanik.

In creating the two programs, it was the School Board's goal to address the questions members have heard most frequently in public settings, with the hope of reaching the maximum number of community members during viewing times that are convenient for them. 

"We recognize that the entire West Chester community does not attend our School Board meetings to hear our presentations on budget and other pressing matters," explained School Board President Vincent Murphy. "We felt these two programs would be an effective and informative way of educating the public on the issues that we are grappling with during this challenging economic climate."

To view both segments of "Blueprint for Balancing Achievement & Affordability," visit www.wcasd.net

Coach Clark May 03, 2012 at 01:24 PM
Until the PSERS system is amended downward, property taxpayers will continue to be fiscally raped. Mnay administartors and high-end teachers can now retire with > $100,000 annual retirements at taxpayer expense. No, they did not pay for their own pensions. Their contributions were about 6% of the true actuarial costs of the annuity payment streams they are now receiving.


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