Defibrillators Should be in All Schools, Senator Urges

State Sen. Andy Dinniman is introducing a bill to place automated external defibrillators in schools.

State Sen. Andy Dinniman recently announced he is pursuing legislation in Harrisburg that would put automated external defibrillators, or AEDs, into all public schools in Pennsylvania.

In a press release, Dinniman referred to American Heart Association statistics that indicate more than 95 percent of sudden cardiac arrest victims die before they can be taken to a hospital.

He cited Villa Maria High School student Blair Allenas a success story and an example of the critical role an AED can play in a school crisis:

In September Allen suffered sudden cardiac arrest and collapsed while running on her school’s track. Fortunately, a school trainer had an AED nearby, and it was used twice to shock Ms. Allen’s heart back to beating. Ms. Allen has recovered and has spoken about the need for AED’s in schools.

Dinniman is working with the parents of Aidan Silva, 7, who died from cardiac arrest in September 2010. According to Christy and Steve Silva's tribute blog for their son, Dinniman's bill, known as currently has 13 co-sponsors in the state senate.

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