Borough to Once Again Discuss 'Smart' Parking Meters

West Chester Borough will hold its first set of committee meetings on Monday as 2012 winds down.

The West Chester Borough Council will hold its monthly committee meetings on Monday and Tuesday evening starting at 5:30 p.m.

The Public Works Committee, Parks and Recreation Committee and the Parking Committee meet on Monday followed by Public Safety, Finance and Planning, Zoning and Industrial Development.

Here are the highlights from Monday’s Agenda.

Public Works

The Public Works committee will once again discuss implementing a storm water management fee based on impervious coverage.  The committee has discussed this plan the last couple of months, but a date for implementation has not been reached.

The fee would be used to offset costs related to storm water management, but it would also create a separate fund in the borough’s operating budget.

Parks and Recreation

Nothing all that exciting on the Parks and Recreation budget.  Sorry.

Parking Committee

The Parking Committee will once again discuss a 90-day trial for “smart” parking meters.  The trial was originally supposed to run in November, but the new meters could not be retrofitted onto the current meters.  The committee will also discuss an ordinance that would potentially limit the number of parking permits allowed per residence.


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