Borough to Make Final Security Patrol Vote

The West Chester Borough Council will hold its final vote on whether or not to continue security patrols in the neighborhoods near West Chester University this week.

The West Chester Borough Council will hold its work session meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 15, at 7 p.m.  Council will discuss items on the agenda and then either move them to the consent agenda for a vote on Wednesday or the discussion agenda.

If an item is placed on the consent agenda the council approves it unanimously and no further discussion is required on Wednesday.

Here are some of the work session highlights:

Private Security Patrols: This will be the last vote borough council will need to take to renew private security patrols in the borough’s university neighborhoods.  This program comes at no cost to the borough, West Chester University is paying for it, but the borough administers the program through the West Chester Police Department.  Last week, the council’s public safety committee recommended that West Chester renew the contract for ELPS Private Security Agency at a rate of $18.50 per hour.

Filling positions: Council will discuss and vote on filling several open borough positions.  Not only will they discuss hiring two new mechanics, but also a wastewater plant lab technician.  The borough will also begin the process of looking for a new public works director after Bob Wilipizeski resigned last month.

Also, appointments: Borough Council will consider reappointing several borough positions including: Gilmore Associates as the Borough Engineer, Thomas Comitta Associates as the Borough Planner and the firm of Buckley, Brian, McGuire, Morris & Sommer as the borough solicitor.

Milton Bradley January 14, 2013 at 12:37 PM
The borough has employed the same law firm for 26 years or so. This past year, at a public council meeting, residents stood up and asked when the last municipal law service review had taken place. The public was told it was 25 years ago. Disgraceful. At the same aforementioned meeting a borough resident asked the borough solicitor if he had ever heard of making law service reviews, by way of municipal legislation, mandatory. The solicitor responded that he had not heard of that. No surprise there. 25 more years of Buckley, Brian, McGuire, Morris & Sommer is not what this town needs. By the way, I think borough council has since legislated that mandatory law service reviews tale place every couple of years. Duh.
nona January 15, 2013 at 03:51 PM
Thank you Milton Bradley, as always, for illuminating what normally sits in the dark hallways of Borough archives. Can you tell us: What is the Statute of Limitations for the Tenure of Borough Manager? I would like to see you apply for that position, Uncle Miltie. For real.


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