Borough to Discuss Chicken Coops

The West Chester Borough Committees meet Tuesday evening and budgets and chicken coops are on the agendas.

The second night of West Chester Borough Council Committee meetings is scheduled for Tuesday.  Here's a quick rundown of some of the major agenda items for the Public Safety Committee, the Finance Committee and the Planning, Zoning and Industrial Development Committee.

Public Safety

A couple of things of note are on this agenda.  The first is that the borough is looking to sell two used fire trucks.  The borough recently purchased new fire trucks, and it is looking to get rid of the old ones.  Also on this agenda, the committee will continue discussions about providing police services for Thornbury Township.  Again, the borough has not made a decision one way or the other.  It is simply exploring its options.  The 2013 budget proposal will also be discussed.

Finance Committee

Finance Committee is usually the dryest committee meeting because it includes agenda items like "Discuss the proposal by Susquehanna Bank to revise the investment portfolio for the Capital Operating Reserve Fund account."  However, this month there will be discussion about the development of the borough's Facebook page, as well as discussions about the 2013 budget process and schedule.

Planning, Zoning and Industrial Development

Chickens.  The borough will once again discuss allowing residents to raise their own chickens.  This has come up several times before, and each time it has been shot down.  The following is also on the agenda:

Discuss the following zoning code items.
a. Permitted uses in the Retail Overlay District
b. Step backs and width of vertical bays in the HO-60, HO-75 height option zones.

So if height ordinances and conditional uses float your boat,  come on down.


The borough council committees meet on Monday and Tuesday, Sept. 10-11, from 5:30-8:30 p.m. at borough hall.  If an agenda item is recommended by the committee it moves to full council where it will be voted on.


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