Borough Storm Water Fee on the Agenda Mon.

The West Chester Borough Council Public Works Committee will once again discuss the implementation of a storm water fee.

The West Chester Borough Council Committee’s will hold the first of their two monthly meetings on Monday.  The Public Works, Parks and Recreation and Parking Committees will meet on Monday starting at 5:30.

The committees make recommendations to full council that will then be voted on later in the month.

Public Works: The public works committee will continue to discuss the implementation of a storm water management assessment fee based on impervious coverage.  That’s a lot of words to say that the borough is looking into implementing a storm water fee as a way to raise revenue.  The borough is putting out a request for proposal so that consultants can be brought in to discuss the best way to implement such a fee.

Also, the public works director, Bob Wilpizeski is resigning from his position.

Parks and Recreation: This agenda is pretty light.  The committee will interview a candidate for the Library Board, and they will discuss proposals received for the purchase of renewable energy.

Parking: The parking committee will once again discuss limiting the number of parking permits allowed per residence or property in the borough.  The committee asked for a solicitor’s opinion on the matter last month. 

nona January 07, 2013 at 03:11 PM
Why is Bob Wilpizeski is resigning from his position? Thanks.


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