Borough Might Add Storm Water Fee

The West Chester Borough Council Public Works Committee will discuss adding a storm water fee on Monday.

The West Chester Borough Council Public Works Committee will discuss adding a storm water assessment fee based on impervious coverage on Monday.

The borough would use the fee to offset costs associated with storm water management as well as the loss of an annual usage fee of nearly $800,000 from the Pfizer property.

Borough Council has also discussed using the fee as a way to "tax" some of the nonprofits located withing the borough's boundaries.

Currently, the borough is nearly 100 percent developed with 35 percent of the borough's land used by tax-exempt non-profits.

If approved on Monday, the new storm water fee would be moved onto full council next week.

Nathaniel Smith November 12, 2012 at 10:58 PM
I don't see any threat to business or any relation to school tax. As the article explains, the Borough gets no revenue from non-profits (other than a few voluntary contributions) but has to provide some services to non-profits (such as WCU, CC Hospital, churches, and schools). East Goshen has considered, but did not enact, a fee on all properties, including non-profits, within a certain distance of fire hydrants. Since state law ties the hands of municipalities, they have to use some ingenuity to spread the tax burden around. It is better for businesses and residents if a way can be found to get non-profits to pay some share, so others' rates don't go up so much.


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