Borough Council Continues to Try to Curb Behavior

West Chester Borough Council votes on several measures to curb unwanted behavior by West Chester University students.

The West Chester Borough Council took several steps to try to curb the behavior of West Chester University students earlier this week.

Those steps include raising the minimum fines for quality of life violations like public urination and noise, instituting an on-call judge for homecoming weekend and keeping track of what the borough spends annually on student enforcement.

“There’s absolute craziness,” said borough council member Jordan Norley referring to homecoming weekend.  “Things went beyond ‘controlled chaos’ into just straight chaos.”

Norley added, “We need to put an emphasis on the problem makers and not the taxpayers.”

Borough Council voted to increase minimum fines on public urination, open container and noise from $100 to $250, hoping the steep price would curb behavior.

“Hopefully, we can hit their wallets harder so they’ll think harder,” Norley said.  “Or at least hit their parents harder.”

Norley also led the charge on keeping track of how much the borough spends specifically on student enforcement.

“We need to create a benchmark,” Norley said.  “We need to find a baseline to see what we spend on enforcement.  True facts may help us with leveraging the university.”

“We need to send a message,” said borough council president Holly Brown.

Cathy Binder November 25, 2012 at 11:34 PM
Sorry Jere, but if they are in a bar at 18 they are breaking the law and deserve the consequence and should go to jail or whatever. If it were my kid, so what - they would not be immune to the consequence of their own bad decision. Why would they be. At 18 like it or not they are legal adults. They go to school as such, or out into the world as such. They cannot legally enter a bar. Most establishments are tough on this, but I know lots of kids get fake ID's - easy to come by. Not my problem either. At 21 - you should control yourself the same at 18 - if you can't you have a problem and maybe you do need counseling. My kid could do the time in jail. And then find a job to pay off the fines. This idea of having to "fix it" is the exact problem. "They had enough money to be pounding them down at the bar? Yank their butt out of school until they get it together. Sorry, hard line for me here based on experience. Half the problem is that we scream about accountability until it is "my kid". Guess what do the crime, do the time - even if it is underage drinking. I am not saying I was any angel at this age, but we didn't act like this either. This is a culture of I do not have to be responsible because mom and dad will get me out, complain about it and fix it for me. Sorry. Can't buy it. If you are so intoxicated to be acting this out of control 18-80 you deserve the citation.
Jeffrey Beitel November 26, 2012 at 01:14 PM
Use the extra fine money to pay for the community service supervision.
Jeffrey Beitel November 26, 2012 at 01:19 PM
Jere, you have got to be kidding. The bar owners only care about one thing...the all mighty dollar! They would not even agree to pay a per drink fee to help support the local policing effort their establishments need to address the chaos after closing time. The West Chester tax payers are fed up with the situation and can not afford it any longer.
Jere Kane November 26, 2012 at 02:08 PM
So, instead of just criticizing me for discussing the issue, what's your solution? Easy to rip people, isn't it?
Jeffrey Beitel November 26, 2012 at 03:41 PM
Jere, The people causing the problems need to pay for the costs of the police needed to protect the community. That means fines that cover those costs....and it would be nice if the business owners who are fueling the problem with alcohol realized that they should shoulder some of the costs to the community rather than just pocketing the profits and passing the costs on the the West Chester taxpayers.


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