Binder Tired of the Same Old Harrisburg

Bret Binder is running as a Democrat for the state house's 156th district with hopes of fixing the economy and education.

Editor's Note the following is a story based on an interview with Democratic State Representative Candidate Bret Binder.  A similar story about Republican Incumbent Dan Truitt will run Sunday


Bret Binder has worn a lot of hats.  He’s a baseball player, a swimmer.  He owns part of a bowling alley.  He’s a lawyer.  This November, though, he’s reaching for a new hat.

Bret Binder wants to be the new state representative for the 156th District.

“I’m concerned with where things are going,” Binder said.  “I felt like this is my moment where I really needed to run.”

Binder is young for a politician, just 33.  But already in his career he’s worked as a small business owner, a clerk for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and a local real estate and commercial lawyer.

All of those careers bring with them experience he hopes will translate to the state house.

“What I saw a lot when I was working in the Supreme Court is poorly written legislation,” Binder said.  “An issue I’ve had with a lot of legislation coming out of Harrisburg is that a lot of bills have ulterior motives.”

Binder cited the recently passed voter ID law as an example.

“It’s a voter suppression law not a voter ID law,” Binder said.  “It could potentially disenfranchise 800,000-1.5 million voters.  I’m shocked it wasn’t overthrown.”

Binder said he was tired of bills that appear to him to be “work-arounds.” 

“If something is on the Republican agenda, they’ll find a way to get it done,” Binder said.

Binder added that the Marcellus Shale bill was a perfect example.

“We missed a golden opportunity to create jobs,” Binder said.  “There should have been an absolute boom to the economy.”

Binder added, “But instead we got a bill that sold out to the special interests.  There’s an estimated trillion dollars in gas in the ground.  It’s not going anywhere.”

According to Binder, Pennsylvania should have taxed the shale at a rate similar to states like West Virginia and Texas.  Those states have tax rates between six and eight percent.

“The argument is that those rates are onerous and will kill business,” Binder said.  “That’s just the national average.  It’s not onerous.”

Binder believes that the state missed out on an opportunity with Marcellus Shale, not just an opportunity to boost the state’s economy, but also an opportunity to buoy the state’s education system.

“I truly believe that opportunity comes from education,” Binder said.  “We have a moral obligation to educate our kids.”

Binder added, “Public education is under attack from the far-right, but even conservative studies show that for every dollar you spend on education you save seven dollars in social services down the line.”

Binder went on to say that he’s not anti-charter school, but that they need more accountability and oversight.

“Charter schools are still paid for with taxpayer money.”  Binder said.  “Some charter schools in the state made a profit of $5 million.  That $5 million is from taxpayers.”


AmericanEagle September 01, 2012 at 11:29 AM
I like what I hear so far, but an important issue to me is what the heck Truitt and his bunch have done to try to take away women's right to end an unwanted pregnancy...particularly where rape is concerned. Pa seems to follow other states with voter id, and women's rights- which means birth control will be endangered at some point here in PA. It's her body, the government needs to stay out of it...you can't pick and choose which issue you'll intrude on a person's freedom. And I know Truitt signed on to making a woman have the vaginal device used to measure the fetus - which is not right to force on anyone. Leave her health business to her and her doctor. There's nothing on Binders website- anyone know his stand on this? Men and Women want to know because men have wives, sisters, daughters and granddaughters.
Stephanie Markstein September 01, 2012 at 12:44 PM
Bret is absolutely pro-choice! I know Bret well, and he stands on the side of women 100%. Planned Parenthood is supporting his campaign, and he was a key speaker at the Big Pink Bus rally in WC a couple weeks ago. If you want to know more about Bret, you can go to his website: www.bretbinderforpa.com
Howyalikethemapples? September 01, 2012 at 02:55 PM
Dan likes to play the "outsider" card but he is a party man at heart. He loves nothing more than to show up at WCASD board meetings and stand in the back to count his votes for dismantling public education, funny though didn't see him there when this board got eight votes to raise taxes, he must have been too busy that evening meeting with the ACTION folks and discussing how they can get more public $ for their religious crusade. Return Dan back to the private sector.
Ben Gall September 01, 2012 at 05:42 PM
Bret is a real refreshing politician. Very open and not at all one of those where constantly nice and empty words are coming out of the mouth. Besides knowing what he wants and a lot of drive he also has great charm and that all together can help him to fight the Harrisburg bureaucracy and disgusting corruption.
RoxyD September 03, 2012 at 01:00 PM
I'm really excited about Brett's views on public education. The funding system for charter schools needs to be changed and Binder wants to do that. Truitt just wants to continue lining the pockets of all his friends in the charter school business. I believe Binder would be in Harrisburg to represent all his constituents, not just a small, vocal, self-serving group like Truitt's tea party posse.


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