OMG PD: $3K in Stolen Batteries

Check out these unusual police stories from around the Greater Philadelphia Area.

This is More Money Than I've Spent on Batteries in my Life: According to a report from TE Patch, 12 DC batteries were reported stolen from a cell phone tower in Devon. That isn’t a big deal until you realize that those batteries are worth $3,000, which makes them some of the most expensive batteries of all time. Check the full story here. 

Probably Ruined a Pair of Shoes, Too: I wrote my name in some fresh concrete once when I was kid, but this is a different story. According to a report from Phoenixville Patch, police busted a man after he after walked through some freshly poured concrete and caused thousands of dollars in damages. Read the full story here.

Take the Keys, Leave the Car: According to a report from Roxborough Patch, a resident was a victim of theft after leaving the car running on the street. Here’s the rub: the burglar stole the resident’s car keys, but left the car. Check out the full story here.

brian moses April 15, 2013 at 01:31 PM
$250 a battery is just slightly more than a quality car battery.


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