Men Vandalize Police Station While Locked Up, Police Say

The following information is provided by the West Chester Police Department.

Two men in a West Chester police holding cell on public drunkenness incidents added institutional vandalism charges to their evenings when they damaged police property in the cell, according to a release from the West Chester Police Department.

According to reports, the two men, a 21-year-old from Sewell, NJ and a 23-year-old man from King of Prussia, were being held by West Chester police for separate instances of public drunkenness on Jan 11. 

Police say that, shortly after being lodged, one of the men climbed on top of a toilet and began to "bang on the video surveillance camera that is mounted on the wall" in the cell. The second man assisted the first by holding him up while he damaged the camera.

The pair ended up removing the camera from the wall before being physically restrained by police.

The two will face charges in district court, police say.


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