Judge Doesn't Accept Czukoski's Guilty Plea on Child Porn Charge

On Thursday, a federal judge said he sensed 'hesitation' in the former West Chester East assistant principal and continued the hearing.

Troy Czukoski will get some time to reconsider his guilty plea after a federal judge surprisingly continued his hearing on Thursday, The Mercury is reporting.

Czukoski, the former Fugett Middle School teacher and West Chester East assistant principal who was charged with possession of child pornography in March after a months long investigation by the United States Postal Service, attempted to plead guilty but was rebuffed by US District Judge Legrome Davis, according to the paper.

After, according to The Mercury, Czukoski admitted “what I had in my possession is considered to be child pornography” and acknowledged that he was pleading guilty to “avoid stricter charges that might bring greater consequences,” the judge said he sensed “hesitation” in the educator and suggested further conversations needed to occur before he accepted the plea.

A subsequent hearing date has not yet been scheduled. Read the full story here.

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