12 Arrests Made Last Week

The West Chester Police department made 12 arrests of individuals ages 18-25, which may be the lowest total since West Chester Patch began publishing those stats.

Stats: From Jan. 7-13, the West Chester police department made 12 arrests of people ages 18-25.  Those arrests break down by the following offenses.

Public Drunkenness 2

Noise 4

Harassment 1

Underage Drinking 4


Drugs 1

Public Indecency 2

Birdie January 17, 2013 at 04:14 PM
What about other age groups? Is this Stat-Driven "report" designed to inform or inflame people about West Chester University Students? The group that is against students living among, spending money and interacting with the general population will eat this up. Those who do not resent or may derive income from the student population will be offended by such "reporting". Why have an angle or agenda? That's not "news".
Mzplacedinphilly January 17, 2013 at 10:25 PM
Would have to agree with Birdie on some points that were made. I was not aware that previous reports were restricted to the 18-25 demographic. If this is the case we are only seeing part of the picture. While I appreciate the attempts to keep the public informed, at times the reporting here tends to be a bit spotty. I am still wondering - and a litte freaked out over - if the man who was stabbed outside his apartment complex knew his attacker, was a robbery or a wackado assault of some kind.


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