Realistic Visions

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Reception and Live Model Drawing Demonstration Nov. 3rd from 2-5pm. Exhibit runs through Nov. 30th.

Dot Bunn & John Murdoch demonstrate their mastery during a live model event at Bucks County Gallery of Fine Art - New Hope PA.

Dot Bunn and John Murdoch will follow in the centuries old realist tradition, of drawing from the live model at the Bucks County Gallery of Fine Art in November.

The Invitational event, "Realistic Visions" , will include five artists who all paint representational artwork. Included are Dot Bunn (PA), Jody Furch (NJ), Laura, den Hertog (CAN), John Murdoch (PA), and Jason Tako (PA). Bunn and Murdoch, two prominent Bucks County painters and instructors, will be drawing a live model at the gallery during a cocktail reception on Saturday November 3rd, from 2-5pm.

The month long exhibit will feature landscape, figurative, and still life paintings by all five artists.

Gallery owner Howard Cooperman said "this is the first time we've ever invited artists to paint a model at the gallery. I'm excited and honored that Bunn and Murdoch were receptive to the idea."

Laura den Hertog explains "My still life paintings explore the human touch, often delving into food culture, a theme that recurs in the figure work. The figurative pieces draw on my experiences and stories shared by family and friends. I have a fascination with hands for their beauty, cleverness and ability to express so much. This poetry of the hands is prominent in much of my work. My landscape work is about gratitude, each piece is a tribute to our home."

Jason Tako said "Using a soft and limited palette that usually consist of only the three primary colors plus white, Jason seeks to portray reality in both form and light. “Light affects form, but form also affects light. I do not paint light only, I  also paint what light illuminates. Even light needs something to shine on for us to see. My use of soft edges, textures and varied thicknesses of brushstrokes shows my search for creating paintings that combine lighting along with a strong feeling of texture, form and solidity

Tako added "This gives my work a look and feel that is refreshing and unique among today’s wildlife and landscape art." The human eye doesn’t see every single feather, hair or branch in perfect outline, it sees masses and shapes or color, it sees structure and light. These objective images translate into a subjective emotional human response. This is what I want people to see and feel in my work.

John Murdoch has spent decades mastering the classical realist arts of drawing and painting the human figure. His work is a continuation of the old master realist traditions carried in to the modern era. His subjects include portraits, figures, still life and landscape all worked in oil paint or oil paint and gold leaf. John's vision is to establish the classical atelier methods in Bucks County and in doing so make the area a center for the classical figurative arts in addition to its already vital landscape tradition.

Dot Bunn about her work says "Painting should be an expression of experience rather than an exact copy of nature. There should be an element of poetry and a unique sense of the artist’s calligraphy expressed in ones work. Regularly working from a live model hones ones feel for proportion and builds a comfort level that allows for a more artistic expression of the subject."

The public is invited to join us Saturday November 3rd, from 2-5 pm to watch as Bunn and Murdoch individually create a drawing of a live model and the cocktail reception hosted at the gallery.

For more details call the gallery 215.862.5272 or visit their web site


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