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Matt Holliday Running for West Chester Council

Holliday is hoping to move from Parks and Recreation and the Library Board to the borough council.

Matt Holliday (Credit: Matt Holliday)
Matt Holliday (Credit: Matt Holliday)

Name: Matt Holliday (R)

Address: 117 W. Union Street, West Chester, PA 19382

Running For: West Chester Borough Council

Positions Held Previously:

  • West Chester Parks and Recreation Commission Member/Vice President (4 years)
  • West Chester Public Library Board of Trustees Member/Vice President (currently)

What do you think can be done to improve traffic and car travel in the area: One of the issues I am running on is fighting for more funding for road and infrastructure improvements in the Borough of West Chester. I have included this goal of increased funding on all of my campaign literature, and I think it is important for the citizens of West Chester.

Explain which issues motivated you to run: I am not a one issue candidate. West Chester is a fantastic community, but it faces a wide variety of challenges. I was motivated to run by my desire to serve the people of the borough that I love so much. I have spent most of the last 9 years of my life attending borough council meetings and serving on boards and commissions of both the Borough and many other area non-profits. My goal is to be a Public Servant and give back to the community that has made my life so much better.

Is there an area in which you think the current administration could have performed better, and how would you address that area: I think that too often it is easy for elected officials to get frustrated with the problems our community faces and due to this frustration they often lash out at each other and members of the public who come to meetings in an unproductive way. I pledge to keep a positive demeanor and always speak to residents, visitors, and other elected officials in a respectful and dignified manor.

For more information on myself and my campaign please go to www.facebook.com/MattHollidayforBoroughCouncil or www.mattholliday.org

Milton Bradley October 29, 2013 at 08:54 AM
The interviewer should have asked Mr. Holliday how much money he has accepted in campaign contributions. The amount of money Holliday has taken in is very distasteful considering the financial times in which we all find ourselves. As legal as campaign contributions may be, I don't care to have my local political candidates beholden to a long list of donors. For a town the size of West Chester, $10,000+ in Holliday's campaign coffers shows a blatant insensitivity to all voters regardless of party affiliation. Evidently, Mr. Holliday and his handlers would not agree.
Milton Bradley October 29, 2013 at 02:04 PM
Perhaps campaign contribution money was used to pay the fine levied against Mr Holliday by Chester County Voter Services. Being fined the maximum allowable amount of $250 for filing tardy financial reports is sort of ironic considering the prodigious amount of money the candidate has collected.
Matt Holliday October 29, 2013 at 06:31 PM
Mr. "Milton Bradley". I wanted to let you know that you are mistaken and neither I nor my campaign committee have missed a filing deadline. Additionally neither I nor my campaign committee have been fined $250 or any other amount. Feel free to call Chester County Voter Service and ask for Mary Anne and she will inform you that my pre-primary report was misfiled in someone else's folder and they sent me a letter in error informing me that I had missed the deadline. They have since corrected this error and you are free to look at my file and see the letter has been removed and all of my reports (which are time stamped showing they all went in on time) are available for the public to see. I would also like to use this opportunity to say that I am grateful to everyone who chose to donate to my campaign. I am proud to say that I received donations from over 160 individuals from our community who know me as a result of my long time community involvement. Many of the donations came from people who serve on the following Non-Profit Board of Directors with me: West Chester Rotary Club, West Chester Senior Center, West Chester Public Library, West Chester University Alumni Association, Friars Society Alumni Association, and West Chester Downtown Foundation. These folks generously gave to my campaign because they believe in me and feel that I will be a good West Chester Borough Councilman, and I am honored to have received the support of each and every one of them. I didn't ask any of them on the phone or in person for contributions. I merely set up two events at local West Chester establishments at some point over last eight months and set out invitations and I was shocked to see how supportive all of these folks were. Not many people know this about me but my brother and I were raised by a single mother and we grew up well below the poverty line. With that being said I take it as a personal affront that someone would dare come on this message board and accuse me of being insensitive when it comes to people in our community facing difficult financial times. Unlike most people I know exactly what it is like to grow up without food in the house and constantly be worried that my mother wouldn’t be able to make rent that month. I got a job as soon as I was legally allowed to in order to help with bills. So please refrain from coming on this webpage or any other and making illogical and ignorant allegations about me. With that being said I invite any concerned individual who would like to discuss this further in a non-public way to contact me by email at matthewm.holliday@gmail.com or by cell phone at 610-883-7691. Finally, let’s remember that we are all neighbors and I truly believe that we all want to make our community a better place regardless of which party we belong to and how we line up ideologically, so before you take time out of your day to try to tear someone down or make them feel bad stop and reconsider if you are doing the right thing. Perhaps instead of spending time attacking others you can find a way to improve yourself and your community. ~Matt Holliday West Chester Borough Council Candidate
Milton Bradley October 29, 2013 at 07:43 PM
I'm glad you clarified CCVS's error. I'm attacking you Mr. Holliday? No. I'm certainly not attacking your generous donors, either. What I do take exception to is a political candidate, any candidate, accepting contributions that are so out of proportion to what these economic times call for and so in contrast to what other local candidates seem to think is appropriate. The essence here is that we make political comparisons. In comparing you to other various candidates that are running for local office you seem somewhat tone-deaf in regard to what is appropriate as a political candidate. I just find it hard to believe anyone running for a borough council seat can defend such an amount of money let alone actually finding ways to spend $10,000 on a council campaign.
Elliot Moore October 29, 2013 at 11:51 PM
The real problem with Matt Holliday is that he is just a hack for the Republican Party! He serves as the Chief of Staff to Tea Party Republican Dan Truitt. Yes, the same Dan Truitt that believes that incest is not rape. So what are we to believe when he runs for Borough Council that he is doing this for the community??? He even used these same connections to get a motor vehicle accident in which he caused in a school zone of all places reduced to a minimal fine. Finally, Mr. Holliday dressed up as the Pope for Halloween by mocking Catholics at St. Agnes Parish. He proclaimed on the picture that he wanted to "put the church back in church street". (Yes that picture does exist and has been forwarded to many emails across the Borough). With reduced fine because of political connections and the mocking of Catholics, does he think the voters are stupid? Just another Tea Party Republican trying to fool the public for his own personal gain!
Milton Bradley October 30, 2013 at 04:57 AM
"Many of the donations came from people who serve on the following Non-Profit Board of Directors with me: West Chester Rotary Club, West Chester Senior Center, West Chester Public Library, West Chester University Alumni Association, Friars Society Alumni Association, and West Chester Downtown Foundation." Yes, and to be fair, there were donations from the business end of the community spectrum as well. Considering that there are waste hauling issues that council has to routinely consider, taking a $650 dollar donation from someone in that line of work just looks awkward. The subject is about political appearances and the ability to know when it is appropriate to say no. Again, I cast no aspersions on any of your donors. Bless them for believing in you.


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