Teacher Negotiations Expected to Continue Through Summer

The current teacher contract is set to expire on June 29.

Both the teachers and the school board of the West Chester Area School District are in the midst of a new contract negotiation, and while both sides continue to talk, the current teacher's contract is set to expire on June 29.

Earlier this week the school board released its set of proposals that included an almost four percent raise in the first two years of the contract followed by a $1,500 performance bonus in the third year.

The proposal from the school board also included shared health insurance costs that would reduce the district's cost burden from 90 percent in the first year to 8 percent by the third year.

When the school board released their proposals they also released a summary of the teachers' union proposal.

That proposal asked for a 5.57 percent salary increase in the first year and a 5.81 percent increase the next two years.  The teachers argue that these raises would cover cost of living plus "salary step movement."

The teachers also have asked for two days to be removed from their work year taking that number from 190 down to 188.  The teachers reduced their work year by an additional two days in the last round of negotiations for the current contract.

In the Daily Local this week, the district's chief negotiator Jeffrey Sultanik said that contract talks are expected to continue through the summer and that the two sides will continue to meet.


Coach Clark June 23, 2012 at 06:32 PM
Only a teachers' union could argue that working 188 days minus sick days minus personal days is reasonable. That means they'd be paid quite well to work less than half of the 365 days in a calendar year. The Board has already offered too much, especially in light of the looming funding needs caused by the PSERS disaster.
Cathy Binder June 24, 2012 at 11:15 PM
I did some digging on this over the weekend. Of course as I expected, if you go to WCAEA.org we find out that the board posting is not the whole story. It seemed odd to me, and I don't trust a word out of Sultanik'a mouth after that last contract and his skewed numbers. Turns out I was right to no believe it all. Two sides to the story. I am not saying I agree with the teachers here at all, just that what the board posted was the initial offering from February when the first meeting was held. This is not the current position of the teachers. So, my question is, what is the board trying to pull? As a taxpayer I don't appreciate it. In a negotiation both parties come in asking for what they know they won't get. That is the way it is done. Seems to me the board is only trying to poison the process.
RoxyD June 25, 2012 at 12:54 PM
It amazes me that our tax dollars are being spent on an attorney and PR firm that the school board hired to spin the negotiations so that the teachers look bad. If you check out the West Chester VOTE website, they posted both sides. It just makes me sick that the School Board just cannot put out information that is truthful and accurate. How can you trust them?
RoxyD June 25, 2012 at 12:55 PM
Oh, the website is www.westchestervote.org


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