Marzano's Pizza Honored by Philly Mag

Marzano's Pizza of Exton was honored with best sauce by Philly Magazine.

One does not need to travel to South Philly to taste true italian tomato sauce excellence.

Marzano's Pizza of 320 Lincoln Highway was honored by Philly Magazine for having some of the best sauce of Philadelphia and the suburbs.

Read  more about Marzano's and other excellent regional pizza locations in the original Philly Mag piece.

Marzano's is just a small, red, white- and green painted section of a multi-business building on Lincoln Highway, but Philly Mag couldn't help but honor the home-made sauce.

Said the Mag: "One could be forgiven for scraping the sauce off a Marzano’s pizza and saving it for later: It would certainly make a delicious Sunday gravy ladled over pasta. But resist the urge, you savages, because this sauce is at its best in concert with the quality toppings and airy, bready crust."

Marzano's manager Vince Flaherty has worked at the small pizza place since it opened in July of last year. Flaherty said he heard about the award from the owners of the establishment, Marc Tashie and Michael Augello,  who's wives subscribe to Philly Magazine.

The sauce, Flaherty said, is made from scratch. All of the ingredients (none of which could be revealed, of course) are thrown into what the manager called "the bucket" -- a large steel pot that had been worn down to a bronze color.

The sauce comes from a tumultuous past. The recipe is that of one of the owner's late uncle. The uncle's business is still in operation, but for legal reasons employees of Marzano's are not aloud to link their pizza shop to the boss's relative's.

No matter, Marzano's seems to be doing quite fine without the association.

Flaherty called the in-house sauce "great," but admitted he may have over-indulged in the past year.

"I don't really eat it anymore," Flaherty said with a laugh. "I think I got my fill."

The owners are in the process of getting a plaque to recognize the honor.


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