West Chester Named Top Town for Job Seekers

West Chester is better than most PA cities for people looking for work, according to one poll.

If you're looking for a job, a new report says West Chester is a pretty good place to live in Pennsylvania. West Chester ranked 20th.

Nerdwalllet.com ranked the top municipal areas in the state for job seekers, based on the answers to these three questions.:
  1. Is the city growing? We assessed growth in the working-age population, ages 16 and older, from 2009 to 2012 to ensure that the city was attracting workers and exhibiting a trend of upward population growth.
  2. Can you afford to live in the city comfortably? We measured a city’s median household income to see if workers made a good living. We also analyzed the monthly homeowner costs, including mortgage payments, to see if the city had a reasonable cost of living.
  3. Are most people employed? We looked at the unemployment rate.
The ranking comes against the backdrop of Moody's ranking of Pennsylvania as the 41st state in the nation in terms of job creation.

Read the entire study and see how West Chester stacks up against other Pennsylvania municipalities at Nerdwallet.com.


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