Iron Hill: The Best Kids Menu in the Borough

West Chester’s anchor restaurant pleases all ages

As anyone who has dined out with children can tell you, the experience is rarely the relaxing, carefree affair it is sans petits. Not only must one contend with the amusement of said little ones while waiting to order or for the food arrive, but even the least adventurous children must surely tire of mac & cheese and chicken fingers. Iron Hill, a long time favorite of local adults, outshines the competition with their children’s menu. While not doing away with the above “kid friendly” staples, they offer diversified fare enough to tempt mom and dad.

Among the entrée offerings are grilled or baked chicken breast, chicken pot pie, quesadilla, meatloaf, fish and chips, broiled shrimp, baked pollack, penne, pizza and an assortment of hot and cold sandwiches.

Their list of sides is even longer.

The restaurant also offers a gluten free menu for children with dietary restrictions. All meals include a drink and dessert, for $6.50. An unbelievable value, at only $2 more than a fast food meal.

So how is the food? I took my two little food critics to taste the kids offering, with an extra adult in tow to help with the entertaining. Olivia requested “fishies” which I know meant orange snack crackers but I chose to interpret as the pollack. Tessa looked like she could use some comfort food, so we ordered up the chicken pot pie. Vegetable sides are numerous, and we chose green beans and broccoli. For the adults we chose the crabcake sandwich and Mediterranean salad. Our server Jennie was quick, friendly, and catered to our children.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 must have been wearing their picky pants; they ate mere nibbles of both of their meals. The adults then quickly commandeered the refuse, and we were both impressed with the quality and flavors. So often the kids menu gets the shaft at restaurants like this, but Iron Hill comes through strong.

In the end, the mac & cheese/chicken finger meals were ordered as a back up and devoured, as were their ice cream sundaes. As for the regular menu items, they also did not disappoint. The artist formerly known as the Greek salad, now called the Mediterranean, is delicious and fresh with a wonderful combination of flavors: the sharpness of feta, the sweetness of the mixed peppers, the saltiness of the olives, spiciness of pepperocini, and bitingness of the vinaigrette. From the expression of my fellow diner and the speed with which he devoured it, the crabcake sandwich was well-prepared, too.

As a matter of fact, all the food disappeared so quickly, I didn’t even have time to photograph it. This is an affordable, family friendly dining experience that you’re just going to have to see for yourself! Dinner, family of 4: $58.71 including gratuity (no, really!!)


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