Harvest Seasonal Restaurant and Bar

The Dave Magrogan Group's newest concept has what it takes to sustain success

Dining at Harvest was, start to finish, an impeccable casual dining experience. We requested outdoor seating and were guided through the restaurant to reach our seats. The décor was modern yet warm, incredibly clean and polished. Quasi-futuristic sliding full glass doors led to the patio, where we found our table next to the fountain. It was a beautiful, clear day perfect for dining out of doors, as reflected by the many ladies lunching around us.

Our server, Marty, was friendly, attentive, knowledgeable and a stunning conversationalist when engaged.  He was close at hand throughout our meal but didn’t “lurk” (or vanish) as so many servers are inclined to do. At his suggestion we sampled two of Harvest’s signature cocktails, the Lavender Mojito and the Peach Bourbon. The mojito was well executed and had a mellow sweetness to it, whereas the bourbon tasted like…bourbon. With peaches in it. Right up my alley, though notsomuch when the sun is still shining.

For starters we chose the cheese plate, one of the very few menu items containing over 500 calories. Caloric intake be damned, the four local cheeses were flanked by preserves, honey, and fresh berries and were worth the extra gym time.

Our entrees arrived at the perfect time. My companion, who was celebrating her birthday, chose the Fish Tacos while I went with Szechuan Tuna Ponzu. I am a great lover of all things taco related, and after taking a bite of her meal made a mental note to order that next time. The mahi mahi is well seasoned and the jicama slaw adds a great accompaniment. The guacamole was a bit overpowered by onion for my taste, but a generous portion was given alongside fresh tortilla strips. I don’t mean to discredit the Tuna Ponzu by my taco envy. The tuna was fresh, the ponzu sauce was everything a ponzu sauce would be, and the bed of vegetables it sat atop of was also well prepared. I was just really, really jealous of my friend’s tacos.

The meal at Harvest was the perfect size and we attained that mythical not-stuffed-but-happily-full feeling. Being my friend’s birthday, we were of course forced to order dessert. The dessert presentation is very visual, all served in glasses a bit bigger than a shot glass and brought out in a great display to entice the diner. We chose the key lime and peanut butter chocolate desserts. Again, the portion sizes were perfect for ending the meal on a sweet note that didn’t make you feel like you needed to go up a jean size.

Harvest made a very strong first impression on me. Especially with the concept’s focus on using local ingredients as well as an emphasis on health consciousness, I will become a return customer like so many in our area have already become. I hope that the newest concept in Dave Magrogan’s restaurant empire maintains the quality, the attention to presentation and freshness. If that occurs, he will surely have a sustainable hit on his hands with this already-expanding concept.

Celebratory meal, including cocktails and dessert: $73.08 for two people before gratuity

Average cost for two: $55 before gratuity

Sarah Alderman September 14, 2011 at 09:10 PM
Also should be mentioned that Magrogan's Harvest partner, Dana Farrell, received a nod as one of 24 Women on the Move by Main Line Today. Congratulations, Dana!
Beth Wrisley September 15, 2011 at 03:36 PM
This restaurant is my favorite. An excellent example of not having to give up everything tasty in life. I LOVE the fish tacos as well. I agree about the guacamole. It has a bitter flavor. It isnt really needed as there are great flavors in the rest of the meal. The flatbreads are wonderful and great to share as a appetizer. I have moved out of the area, and "sniff, sniff",,,I miss it already. I wish there was another. The Fingerlakes area in New York could use a place like it to pair with the many local and fine wineries. Give Wegmans a run for their money or pair with them! They have an organic farm and barn here.


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