Get Last Minute Thanksgiving Supplies at the Growers Market

The West Chester Growers Market has everything you could need for your Turkey Day.

The following is provided by the West Chester Growers Market Blog found by clicking the link: here.

Thanksgiving is upon us!  This is the last Market before your Big Feast, so be sure to stock up on all essential items: produce, meat, desserts, beverages, snacks and hostess gifts!

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Stay updated by checking out the Market Calendar here on the blog, as well as our Facebook Page.

Northstar Orchard

We'll have a great selection of apples this week, some Asian pear and extra varietal Gold Rush cider, and an assortment of great-for-Thanksgiving veggies on hand!

Lindenhof Farm

We are hoping for nice weather this Saturday morning. We have over 150 fresh turkeys for our wonderful customers! We also will be bringing our other products along such as beef steaks, roasts, cubes, ground, and hot dogs. Also this week fresh pork chops, sausages and roasts.

Can't forget eggs, or chicken pies or some lamb items too. And fresh whole chickens.  Thank you all for a wonderful summer season. Our next West Chester market will be  December 1, 10-12 noon, again on Dec 15 and dec. 22. 
Enjoy Thanksgiving!

Yellow Springs Farm Goat Cheese

This week we will bring our aged and fresh goat cheeses, plus Goat Milk Caramel sauces for apples, and holiday treats.

Our featured cheese is Mellow Yellow, aged with saffron  harvested at the Farm—photo attached of the crocus from which we gather the saffron for Mellow yellow

We are accepting enrollment for our 2013 Cheese CSA— see our website for details.

Pureblend Tea

NEW HOLIDAY BLENDS from Pureblend! Cinnamon-Orange Hot Toddy & White-Chocolate Peppermint. 

We will be serving hot tea: Pumpkin Chai Tea Latte's and White Chocolate Peppermint. Take home an ounce of these seasonal favorites!
Our whole leaf teas are hand blended with the worlds finest organic and fair trade ingredients. Choose from our intriguing varieties. $4.00 per ounce
We offer a Superior Grade Matcha. Our matcha is fresh, smooth and extremely high in antioxidants. If you haven't tried this incredible tea, you should check it out!

Get our Unrefined Sea Salts. These salts are natural - not bleached or kiln dried. Excellent for your stews, salads, raw foods and more! Choose from: Alea Red, Black Lava, Himalayan Pink, Yakima Smoked, Sel Gris, and our own (salt free) blend, Ayurveda Seasoning

London Vale Farm

Available this Saturday for your Holiday gatherings: Fresh brown eggs (from our cage-free chickens) Red radishes (new this week!) Large tomatoes (new this week!) Grape tomatoes (fresh from our greenhouse) Scallions  Cabbage (red & green varieties) Broccoli Romanesco (cook this variety like traditional cauliflower) Cauliflower (white, cheddar and purple varieties) Brussels sprouts (available on the stalk for freshest quality) Napa cabbage Salad greens (mixed and Cress selections fresh from our greenhouse) Baby kale (available in bunches) Rutabagas (like a turnip but sweeter) Turnips (available in quarts & 8lb bags) Daikon Radishes (grate some on top of hot meals for added health benefits – also use as a tea) Bell peppers (red & green varieties) Onions (yellow & white varieties) Potatoes (red & white varieties available in quarts, 5lb & 10lb bags) Winter squash (many varieties to choose from including large Blue Hubbard squash which, when roasted, makes a terrific vegetarian turkey for the Holidays!)
Coming soon! Spinach – approx. 1-2weeks Cilantro - approx. 2 weeks

Ellen April Handcrafted Soap

Ellen April thinks that soap makes a perfect gift for the Thanksgiving hostess. Our pumpkin spice soap is sold out, but this week we'll have a many other wonderful soaps to choose from.

Other Vendors for this week include:

Stargazer's Vineyard

Blueberry Hill Farm

Golden Valley Farms

Red Earth Farm

Chile Spot

Fahnestock's Fruit Farm

Lizzie's Kitchen

Maple Hill Farm

Big Sky Bread Company

Elkdale Greenhouse

Oakshade Cheese

Queens Farms

Windy Acres


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