DIY Network Show to Feature Local Mattress Company

West Chester's Verlo Mattress will be featured on an upcoming episode of the DIY Network's 'The Bronson Pinchot Project.'

Foster Good of Verlo Mattress got a call for a custom mattress job several months ago.  That wasn’t unusual. 

It’s what his company does.  They take special orders and build custom mattresses:  round mattresses, big mattresses, period mattresses. 

They do all this locally at their factory in Broomall, and then sell the product out of a showroom in West Chester.

What made this call unique is that the mattress had to be built fast, and it would be featured on television.

When Bronson Pinchot calls, star of the ‘80s hit “Perfect Strangers,” you answer. No matter how quick the turnaround.

“Usually it takes us four to six weeks to build a mattress,” Good said.  “They needed it in two to three weeks.  We agreed because it’s a good way to get our name out there.”

Pinchot now stars on his own Do It Yourself Network show aptly titled “The Bronson Pinchot Project” where he fixes us up old homes near Harford, Penn.

“They needed a mattress with the corner cut off,” Good said.  “It was for a bed in the guest house, but the door to the room couldn’t open all the way if the corner was there.”

Good and his wife delivered the mattress themselves while the episode was taping.

“It was very cool.” Good said.  “Bronson is a very personable guy.  We brought our little Yorkshire terrier with us, and he was all over the dog.”

Good added, “We were there for about an hour.  Bronson made everyone on his team lay on the mattress to test it out.”

This isn’t the first time a mattress from Good’s Verlo franchise has been featured on television.  He also provided a mattress for “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” a couple of years ago.

“An associate producer called me and asked if we could make a polka dot mattress,” Good said.  “I thought to myself, ‘what is a polka dot mattress?’”

It turns out the show just needed a round mattress, and Verlo took the job.

“We make all kinds of mattresses,” Good said.  “Except we’ve never made a heart-shaped mattress.  We had someone ask about it once, but he never followed through.”

Despite the television appearances, customers are still Good’s number one priority.

“We make a comfort promise,” Good said.  “If you’re not satisfied with your mattress in the first year we’ll make a comfort adjustment free of charge.”

Good says that he has customers all over the northeast, and that he even built a mattress one time for someone in Russia.

“We make better mattresses, and we do it for cheaper,” Good said.  “We have pretty intense customers, and then they become advocates for our product.”

The episode featuring Verlo Mattress will air on Feb. 23, on the DIY Network at 11 p.m.


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