A New Spin on Spinning

West Chester's Fit Ryde Offers the newest technology in the field of stationary bikes.

For 25 years Steve Hollingsworth worked as an insurance broker, even owning his own firm.

“I used to think all the time, ‘If I had my own space what would I do with it.’” Hollingsworth said.

Now, Hollingsworth owns his empty space, and he’s filled it with bicycles, stationary bicycles.

“We’re putting a new spin on spinning,” Hollingsworth said.  “I saw these bikes and knew it would work.”

So, in March of this year Hollingsworth opened , located at 1572 Wilmington Pike, complete with 17 state-of-the-art stationary bikes.

“They were invented by a cyclist,” Hollingsworth said.  “You know if you’re a cyclist you can’t go out all the time because of the weather.  The typical stationary bike is rigid.  These allow for a ride that feels more real.”

The bikes, called “Real Ryders,” feature a dynamic movement feature that allows the rider to bank and turn the bike as if they were riding on the road.

“It really engages your core and upper body,” Hollingsworth said.  “A stationary bike just works your legs.  This is more of a complete body workout.”

Hollingsworth also said that on average the new bikes burn two calories more per minute than a traditional stationary bike.

“The average stationary bike workout works off about 450 calories per session,” Hollingsworth said.  “These can burn between 500-700 calories.”

But to Hollingsworth it’s not just about the equipment or the fancy technology.

“Working out by yourself can be boring,” Hollingsworth said.  “These classes become social and people start coming because they don’t want to miss out.”

Hollingsworth also said there is lot of variation from workout to workout.

“You might come in here three times with three different instructors.  That’s three different workouts,” Hollingsworth said.  “We blast the music in here and it’s like your dancing with your bike.”

Hollingsworth also wants the facility to be easy to use.

“We have an online reservation system,” Hollingsworth said.  “People are in and out, and there are no memberships or fees.  It’s completely pay as you go.”

“The workouts here are strenuous but at your own pace,” Hollingsworth said.  “You shouldn’t feel intimidated.”

Hollingsworth added, “a lot of our customers, and even some instructors come back because ‘My bike doesn’t move.’”

Fit Ryde is located at 1572 Wilmington Pike in West Chester for their complete schedule and pricing please visit their Web site.





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