Willistown Named one of PA's Safest Towns

Township praised for its low crime rates.

Willistown ranks among the 30 safest towns in Pennsylvania, according to a study compiled by a private home security services company.

The Safewise Report ranks the township as the 28th safest town in Pennsylvania.

The report has this to say:

"If the scenic vistas don’t get you, the safety and security of living in Willistown Township will... [the township] reported no murders, robberies or arsons in 2011."

Cecil Township in Washington County outside of Pittsburgh topped the Safewise list as the safest municipality in Pennsylvania.  You can see the entire list on the Safewise website.

Here's how Safewise describes itself in a press release announcing the rankings: "SafeWise is a community-focused security organization that is the source for everything safety and security. We help you compare security providers so you can best protect your home the way you want to. The SafeWise Report provides resources to help make homes and communities a safer place. We provide home security tips and tools, as well as the most recent news in the safety industry."


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