Video: Slow-Motion Rocket Launch!

Cub Scout Pack 98 launched model rockets at Paoli Battlefield Saturday morning.

"Who's awesome?" asked Chuck Baker, leader of Cub Scout Pack 98.

Three Scouts' hands shot up.

"Who wrote, 'I am awesome,' on his rocket?" Baker clarified, and two of the hands went down.

Such was the festive attitude of the scouts and parents who launched a barrage of model rockets Saturday morning at Paoli Battlefield.

After a brief history lesson about the battlefield and a distribution of awards—including a video game award—the scouts set off orange-finned rockets they had constructed. A few more elaborate and unusual rockets were also launched skyward, including a green "alien," an R2D2 robot and a fighter jet.

In between rocket launches, the boys passed the time by counting down from 10, ad infinitum. They paused only briefly when Baker requested they count down in Roman numerals.

Check out the photos and videos above. If you were at the launch, add your own.

Susan November 19, 2012 at 02:06 AM
This is pretty cool to see the turnout (even though I walked the dog early to avoid it). Who knows, maybe the next Robert Goddard is among these young men. :-) Good, clean fun.


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